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Maya training

Maya Training

This Maya Training introduces you to the 3d modelling & animation Software Program, Maya. Maya Software is Made by Auto Desk About CAD Software. use of heavy weight such a light and magic, electronic arts and more, Maya is a Powerful 3d Software Program.
Start with the Basic This Maya Course takes through interface of Maya Software. as this Start of Maya Training on 2010 , You will learn how to make a model of polygons. You will learn about Best Rendering, lights and texturing of object, how to animate of 3d Models, Ray tracing, using mental ray and 2d maps are just other Subjects covered.
Learn The Complete Course of Maya Training in Rawalpindi, You Will be used of Latest tools of Maya software and ready to create a animation and rending of 3d model working files are included to allow you work with finial project of Maya training in Rawalpindi.

What is Maya Program

Maya is an animation & modeling software used to create 3d full motion effects. Maya is the natural laws of physic to control the behavior of virtual objects animation. Maya Can Produce video that are more life then possible with cartoon animation software. Unit the Maya Software Program is realistic of rendering of effects.

Maya Training Program

Maya Training Outline

  • Introduction of Maya
  • Maya Software Interface
  • Transformations
  • Cameras
  • Modeling
  • Polygon Modeling
  • Lighting
  • Texturing
  • UV Preparation
  • Key frame Animation
  • Ray tracing
  • Mental Ray
  • extra Techniques