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Safety officer course

Introduction of  Safety Officer Course

Safety Officer Course is about basic component of Safety & equipment the individual with necessary competence to technical report working if something happens in the filed and guide the personals about hazards and risks in this Safety Officer Course the major contents with world wide recognized Safety Officer Course  This Safety Office Course is start a new Batch coming Monday.

Why Should Take This Safety Officer Course?

This Safety Officer Training Course is design for supervisor , Safety Work, and work Representative , Safety Technicians , a Fresh Students who require and understanding of workplace health and safety principles and best practices and wish this career of Occupational Health and Safety environment.

Safety Officer Training

Health & Safety Course Purpose

The Certificate of Safety Officer Course in Islamabad is design to provide with professional Skill to advise managers of their employee on a rang of ( Occupational Health & Safety Issues. This Safety Program will give participants an understanding of the key ares of Health and Safety legislation and Guidance. This Safety Officer Course particularly on apply current legislation and guide in the development of best practice of Safety Management. Will also have the career opportunity of OHS Systems and complete of risk of their own Workplace. Online it center Start a Safety Officer Course in Rawalpindi.

Safety Officer Course Scope & Benefits

After Through This Safety Officer Course in beginning the salary of Safety Officer in UAE, and other Gulf Countries will Start form 2000 – 2500 DHS Month but the Passage of time experience and work the salary increase exponentially.

Safety Officer Course Outline

  • Introduction of Safety Officer Course
  • Health and Environment objectives
  • General Safety rules
  • Emergency
  • Action in case of spillage
  • Fire Protection System
  • Personnel Protective Equipment
  • Stress and Heat and precautions
  • Employees and employers duties of health and safety
  • Accident investigation and its effectiveness
  • Safe system of work
  • Permit To Work
  • Safe use of workplace equipment
  • Manual handling hazards and precautions
  • Fire and evacuation
  • Identify sources of guidance and advice on health and safety,
  • Hazards communication and its importance in the
  • organization
  • First Aid
  • Recommend suitable action to minimize risks,
  • Investigate accidents, prepare reports,
  • Make cost effective proposals to prevent recurrence,
  • Promotion of safety culture

Safety Officer Course Details

This Safety Officer Course in Rawalpindi helps students for work as a safety officer on a construction, Students will learn how to clearly and effectively communicate with others on a work site, identify hazards, and apply the Workers Compensation Act and occupational health and safety regulations to their environment.

  • Safety Officer Course Fee: 25000